Web Conferencing



Web Conferencing has truly developed into a unique platform on the world wide web.  Looking Glass Depo from DepositionConferencing.Com allows you to combine video, audio and realtime text streaming with a secure web based document and exhibit sharing platform. 



Once you receive the documents or exhibits from your clients you simply enter the web meeting, upload your documents or exhibits and then you are prepared to start your deposition or legal hearing.  Through an easy to use, browser based interface you can bring up documents or exhibits online during the actual deposition so that all attendees can view them whether they are in the room or participating remotely.


Looking Glass Depo will be available to our Court Reporting Partners beginning on July 1, 2013!  Contact us at (877) 988-DEPO, info@depoconf.com or use our online contact form by clicking here to get request training for your firm on Looking Glass Depo!





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