Back in 2003 a Court reporting agency approached Wholesale Carrier Services with a problem.  They needed to be able to logistically coordinate a solution so that up to 30 individual attorneys could participate in a deposition telephonically.  While conference calls have been around for decades, the dilemma was being able to handle the scheduling and coordination of the call with so many different parties, and being able to bill  each party individually for their appearance. 

 WCS created a solution that was not only simple to coordinate  but also a way where the Court Reporting Agency does not have any upfront costs.  As a matter of fact the Court Reporting Agency earned valuable income by scheduling and conducting the Deposition Conference Calls.  And Deposition Conferencing was born!  Now doing business as DepositionConferencing.Com it was, and still is today a WIN-WIN for hundreds of court reporting agencies in the United States and Canada as well as for our shared Law Firm clients! 

Now as the world of virtual attendance at depositions grows and as Judges have begun to allow telephonic and virtual attendance at Motions and Hearings,  DepositionConferencing.Com continues to grow with the legal community.  We only work with the legal services industry on remote conferencing solutions so we are especially tuned in to  the specific needs that are unique to anyone in the legal profession. 

Whether you are a Court Reporting Agency, Law Firm, or even a Judge who wants to allow attendance virtually DepositionConferencing.Com has a solution in place to help you to increase productivity, bring efficiencies to the legal proceedings that are on your docket while driving down the overall cost of litigation!!

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